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Eric Van Hensbergen
Eric is currently a Fellow in the Research division at Arm in Austin, TX leading the systems research group. The group's activities include exploring the place of Arm within data centers, network infrastructure, high performance computing, distributed systems, edge computing and investigating next generation concepts in security, operating systems, runtimes, and systems software. Most recently his team has explored extension of cloud-native technologies to enable the multi-tenant edge as part of the SMARTER ( project, privacy preserving delegated computing platforms in Project Veracuz ( and low trust-computing-base isolation mechanisms as part of Icecap ( They are currently looking at building on top of these technologies to address the problem of developing, debugging, and deploying distributed applications which span microcontrollers to disaggregated data centers.

Prior to joining Arm, Eric spent 12 years at IBM Research and 7 years at Lucent Bell Labs.
Cloud and Distributed Computing
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