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Julien Jomier
Julien Jomier is the Director of Commercial Solutions at Kitware and is located in Carrboro, North Carolina. He will be overseeing Kitware’s Software Solutions Team. Julien will also be working to expand Kitware’s impact to a larger number of commercial customers by delivering comprehensive solutions based on Kitware’s open source platforms and technical research.

Julien first joined Kitware in 2005 and helped launch the Carrboro, North Carolina office. Five years later, he started Kitware’s European office in Lyon, France. While serving as CEO of our France location, he grew the office to 30 employees and oversaw many impactful commercial software development projects.

In addition to his leadership and business development roles, Julien is also a software developer. Julien leads the development of ActiViz (the C# wrapping for VTK) as well as AR/VR capabilities for industrial visualization. Julien also regularly teaches courses on CMake. He was the main architect of CDash, an open-source, distributed, software quality system companion of CMake and CTest. As an initial developer of the Insight Toolkit (ITK) as well as the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK), Julien was involved in applications for stereo reconstruction, model-to-image registration, and vessel analysis.

Prior to joining Kitware, Julien was a Faculty Research Lecturer of Radiology at the University of North Carolina and a member of the Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Display Laboratory.

Julien received both his bachelor’s degree and his master’s degree in electrical engineering and information processing from the École Supérieure de Chimie Physique Électronique de Lyon (CPE-Lyon) in France in 2002. In 2003, he received his second master’s degree in computer science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During his studies, he worked on a variety of projects in the areas of parallel and distributed computing, mobile computing, image processing, and visualization. As part of his project management missions, Julien obtained the Professional SCRUM Master certification.

M.S. in computer science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), 2003

M.S. in information processing from the CPE-Lyon, 2002

B.S. electrical engineering from CPE-Lyon, 2002

Invited Talks & External Recognition
Closing keynote speaker, Open science, National Federation of Advanced Information Services, 2017
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