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Michael Lesniak
Michael is the Head of Global Data Center Solutions Corporate Accounts for Nalco Water Global Data Center Solutions, an Ecolab Company. He is a contributing author of the Nalco Water Handbook. His focus is on: Reducing water, CO2 emissions, and waste in hyperscale data centers and supercomputers by partnering with global leaders including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, HPE/CRAY, IBM/Lenovo, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Equinix, and DRT. Industry expert for warm and cool liquid critical closed loop water systems in legacy data centers, new data centers, expansions, supercomputers, and campus utility water systems including scale, microbiological, and corrosion inhibition for all types of materials of constructions and water types. Expert in safe and standardized global distribution of treated fluids, water sample packaging and distribution to 16 strategically located global laboratories, and deployment of service personnel and contractor methods of procedure in 170 countries and 29 languages.
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