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Remote Participation
Phil Cayton is a Senior Staff Engineer for Intel with 25 years of industry experience researching and developing networking, storage, and datacenter infrastructure technologies. In addition to his current role with Open Fabrics Alliance, he is actively involved with the Storage Networking Industry Association and the NVM ExpressTM Consortium. He has been involved with InfiniBand since the beginning and has written many RDMA-based drivers including the initial prototype NVMe-over-Fabrics driver stack. Additionally, he has led remote peer-to-peer memory projects, Open Fabrics testing and patching, dynamic data center energy efficiency R&D, server autonomics R&D, mobile-device multi-radio interference mitigation, mobile augmented reality, sensor enhanced personal medical monitoring, and network driver development projects. He has several published whitepapers and 20 granted patents. In his spare time he is an avid sailor.
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File Systems and I/O
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