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Dr Gianmarco Mengaldo joined the NUS Department of Mechanical Engineering as an assistant professor in 2020. He received his BSc and MSc in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), and his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London (United Kingdom). After his PhD he undertook various roles both in industry and academia.

Dr Mengaldo’s primary research area is computational science within the context of multidisciplinary applications that arise in engineering and applied science. His main research interests involve (i) the development of high-fidelity simulations tools for multi-physics problems, (ii) the development of data-mining technologies for the systematic identification of coherent patterns in highly unstructured datasets, and (iii) the use of machine learning and statistical tools to predict the behavior of complex systems. Dr Mengaldo’s main application areas include aerospace and mechanical engineering, weather and climate, and financial engineering.
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