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Remote Participation
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin is a Senior Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA where he is working on the integration of scientific visualization software with NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform and a high-level Khronos API called ANARI (Analytic Rendering Interface) that supports diverse rendering backends. Kevin has previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he was a Software Engineer and Solutions Executive for the High-Performance Computing Innovation Center. Kevin is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at San Joaquin Delta College where he teaches computer science courses. Dr. Griffin has a Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University ILR school and is currently serving on ACM SIGGRAPH’s Diversity and Inclusion committee and the Research Posters committee for SC21. Kevin received a B.S. in computer science from the University of Delaware, an M.S. in computer science from the University of Tulsa and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, Davis.
Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase
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