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Kurtis Bowman
Kurtis Bowman is Director of Technology and Architecture in Dell’s Server CTO Office. He focuses on identifying pertinent new technologies and integrating them into Dell enterprise products. His current areas of interest include converged and hyperconverged systems, and accelerators for HPC, machine learning, and data analytics. Kurtis has over 25 years’ experience in the architecture, development, and business justification of server, storage, commercial, and consumer computing products. Before joining Dell, he held technical leadership positions at Panasas, a high-performance storage company, and Compaq. He earned a BSEE from New Mexico State University.

Kurtis is submitting as president of and on behalf of the Gen-Z Consortium. The Gen-Z Consortium consists of leading computer industry companies dedicated to creating and commercializing a new open standard memory-oriented interface. It will allow for direct memory-to-memory transfers via a single command. The idea here is to take full advantage of persistent memory in which storage transfers occur at memory speed over the memory bus. It will also allow for similar memory-to-memory transfers for GPUs and ASIC or FPGA-based accelerators.
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