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Student volunteers play a key role in supporting conference attendees and the conference overall. Undergraduate and graduate students help with the administration of the conference and have the opportunity to participate in the Students@SC program, explore the Exhibits, attend technical presentations, and develop lasting professional connections. The Student Volunteers program accepts a large number of students, both domestic and international, with the goal of welcoming new members into the HPC community.

Student volunteers perform a wide range of tasks for the SC Conference such as providing support for presenters, working the Information Booths, and staffing conference activities. Student volunteers work 15–20 hours during the conference, allowing plenty of time to engage in important educational and career-advancing activities such as tutorials, technical talks, panels, poster sessions, and workshops.

Check out the FAQ for more details on the Student Volunteers program!

SCALE Program

Former SC student volunteers are encouraged to apply for a role within the SCALE program, previously known as the Lead Student Volunteer program.

SCALE participants are valued leaders in student programs and work directly with committee members on a specific part of the conference. As a member of the SCALE program, the students become junior committee members providing them with the exposure and experience of being a committee member at SC. This opportunity allows students to foster professional relationships by working alongside the committee members within their assigned area. Additionally, it provides a fantastic pathway for students who are interested in becoming a full committee member once they are finished with their studies. The program also offers both leadership training and mentorship opportunities.

These volunteers typically work more hours than a regular student volunteer, and are required to attend several phone meetings in advance of the conference as well as to arrive in St. Louis the Friday before the conference begins. SCALE participants help select and train the rest of the volunteer team and mentor new students. This is an excellent opportunity for students looking to join the conference committee.

SCinet Student Volunteers

If you are interested in high performance networks and are available the week prior to the conference in addition to the week of, consider applying as a SCinet student volunteer.

Approximately 20 students are selected to work with various SCinet teams, including fiber, network security, routing, and communications, to build and operate SCinet. These students work directly alongside professionals from educational institutions, HPC centers, network equipment vendors, national laboratories, research institutions, research networks, and telecommunications carriers. These students arrive at the convention center one week prior to the conference to set up the network, and stay a day after the conference ends to perform teardown tasks.

How to Apply

Apply on the SC submissions website.

Application Components

  • Background information
  • Conference motivation statement
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor, advisor, or other department personnel
  • (Optional) SCALE Program Motivation and Experience
  • (Optional) SCinet Student Volunteer Motivation and Experience
  • (Optional) Travel Support Request
    Students may apply for travel support from within their application. As SC conference travel support is limited, students are encouraged to apply for support from their institution. This requires the submission of a Student Travel Funding Commitment (STFC) form from someone within your institution. The STFC verifies the institution’s ability to provide full travel funding for the student. Only students with a completed STFC will be eligible for travel support. If you are unsure of who should complete the STFC, check with your advisor, department head, or other college faculty. If you still have questions about the STFC, check out our FAQ or contact the Student Volunteers Committee.

Student Volunteers FAQ


Understand more about the Student Volunteers program and application process.

View Student Volunteer FAQ

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