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ACM Student Research Competition: Graduate Poster, ACM Student Research Competition: Undergraduate Poster, Posters: ACM Student Research Competition Posters Display
Event TypeACM Student Research Competition: Graduate Poster, ACM Student Research Competition: Undergraduate Poster, Posters
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TimeTuesday, 16 November 20218:30am - 5pm CST
LocationSecond Floor Atrium
cuSZ(+): Optimizing Error-Bounded Lossy Compression for Scientific Data on Modern GPUs
Analysis of Scheduling Policies for Next-Generation Rabbit Architecture
Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Shortest Path Updates in Dynamic Networks at Scale
Yin and Yang: Balancing Cloud Computing and HTC Workloads
In-Situ Data Reduction for AMR-Based Cosmology Simulations
Application-Based Fault Tolerance for Numerical Linear Algebra at Large Scale
Parallel Algorithms and Generalized Frameworks for Learning Large-Scale Bayesian Networks
Missing the Trees for the Branches: Graphical-Scripting Interaction with Large-Scale Calling Context Trees
Embeddings Are All You Need: Transfer Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks Using Word Embeddings
Analyzing Performance of File Aggregation in VELOC
Toward Access Pattern Aware Checkpointing for Kokkos Applications
SYMBIOMON: A High Performance, Composable Monitoring Service for Online Application Introspection and Adaptation
Datastore Design for Analysis of Police Broadcast Audio at Scale
Regulating Traffic in a Crowded Cache: Overcoming the Container Explosion Problem
Optimizing Deep Learning Material Interface Reconstruction
Analyzing Software Cache Configuration for In-line Data Compression
Productive, Performant, and Parallel Generic Lossy Data Compression with LibPressio
One Fish, Two Fish: Choosing Optimal Edge Topologies for Real-Time Autonomous Fish Surveys
Using IU Jetstream for OpenMP Offloading and OpenACC Testsuites
Performance Prediction of Large Data Transfers
Increasing Mini-Batch Size While Preserving Accuracy for Distributed Deep Learning
Delving Into the Abyss: A Distributed Decompression System for Indexing Compressed Repositories
Mitigating the Metadata Mess: Autonomous Metadata Extraction Pipelines for Large-Scale Data Repositories
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