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Upon Acceptance

Virtual Program

How to Apply


The Early Career program provides two half-day sessions of special workshops for early-career researchers, educators, and technical professionals. This includes academic, industry, and laboratory staff and post-docs within the first five years of a permanent position. The Early Career program is available to participants by application only. The program aims to help participants secure a better understanding of the issues and challenges faced while navigating a successful research career.

Topics may include:

  • Goal Setting: Discerning, planning for, and pursuing career goals
  • Collaboration: Exploring opportunities for local and remote collaboration to increase impact and pursue career goals
  • Funding: Understanding the agencies, funding instruments, and strategies for securing research funding
  • Publishing: Understanding the landscape of conference, journal, and other publication venues, including getting involved in conference leadership or journal editorship
  • Mentorship: Understanding the difference between a mentor and a sponsor and establishing effective, long-term mentoring and sponsoring relationships
  • Science Communication: Discussing effective ways to promote research and development by communicating science to the public, as part of interdisciplinary science research
  • Time Management: Striking a balance between our professional and personal responsibilities and obligations
  • Academic Service Roles: Balance involvement in various academic service roles at one’s institution, and in conference organization, program committees, editorial boards

The program will include engaging interactive sessions aimed at helping participants develop their professional skills, as well as a strategic vision for their future. 

Preparing Your Application

The application includes submission of a statement (maximum 250 words) on why you want to participate in the Early Career program.

Where to Apply

Early Career applications are submitted via the SC submissions website.

Upon Acceptance


Accepted Early Career participants are required to register for the Technical Program. A Workshops registration is not required. See more information at Registration.

Virtual Program

Schedule and Location

Early Career sessions will be held virtually in a workshop format on Sunday–Monday, November 14–15, 2021, before the full SC Program begins – this allows participants who choose to attend SC in St. Louis to enjoy as much of the Technical Program as possible. More details regarding remote participation in SC will be made available in July before registration opens.


Early Career participants have networking opportunities throughout the day:

  • Speed mentoring
  • Slack channel
  • For participants who are on-site in St. Louis, there will be additional opportunities to network face-to-face, such as mingling during coffee breaks

Food and Drink

Morning and afternoon coffee breaks for in-person participants.

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