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INDIS Workshop Again Coming to SCinet


Since SC14 in New Orleans, INDIS (Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science) has brought together network engineers and researchers to share challenges and potential solutions in the information systems and networking communities.

The 8th annual INDIS Workshop will be held in conjunction with SC21 on Monday, November 15, 2021. Traditionally, this has included eight presentations of selected papers, panels that include the previous year’s NRE research presentations, and two keynote speakers for an entire day of collaboration and innovation.

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is open for the INDIS workshop until August 20, 2021. Submissions of interest include those that address solutions that range from high-performance data transfer applications to multi-domain networking and cross-layer network architecture. Developments that are essential in the information systems infrastructure for the scientific discovery process are encouraged. Participants from both SCinets’ Network Research Exhibition (NRE) and Experimental Network (XNet) communities are invited to share their latest design solutions as well.

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Collaborating for Success

The collaboration between SCinet’s XNet, NRE, and INDIS teams is one of the key success factors behind SCinet’s research and development cycle, which provides breakthrough network technology to the SC conference exhibition floor and the information systems and networking communities around the world.

NRE, a team within SCinet, invites network researchers and professionals from government, academia, and industry to submit proposals for demonstrations and experiments at the SC Conference that display innovation in emerging hardware, protocols, and advanced network-intensive scientific applications.

XNet engages partners in research, education, and industry to facilitate high-performance networking experiments during the SC Conference. These experiments often span multiple years, and the results serve to push the boundaries of network technologies and set the stage for SCinet’s continuous evolution to meet the network-intensive needs of the HPC community during the annual SC gathering.

team synergy

For more information about the synergy between SCinet and INDIS, check out the overview on our community page.

Dawn Thurnau, SC21 SCinet Communications Liaison

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